Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Mother Day Egyptian style

Happy Mother Day.
Today we celebrate the Mother Day in Egypt.
There is no better mother to remember on that special day than Isis.
The original and first mother of Egypt.
Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis nursing Horus
A collection of Isis at the Egyptian museum in Cairo 

Happy mother day from Egyptian Chronicles to mothers around the globe and not only Egypt


  1. Replies
    1. Zeinobia isn't a mom I don't think. You can tell because she has time to blog.

  2. The real Mothers Day is May 14. You can't just take some random date and say it's May 14.

    1. 21 March is the Mother Day in Egypt since the 1950s. All Arab countries celebrate the Mother Day with us on that day. I wrote about that before

  3. Respectful Mr.J. & Mr.H.Y./All the very best ALL!! i don^t know if Respectful Ms.Zeinobia is a Mom or not but i know one thing and that is that HER blog >The Egyptian Chronicles< IS the >MOTHER< of all Blogs ,even though Moms or Grandmothers around the world.. got/edit BLOGS, because age..social position got nothing to do with forever YOUNG spirit and ability to participate in such matters...Also 21 March 1956 became officially in EGYPT followed by other Arab nations to celebrate MOTHERS* DAY since..like it or not!!Thanks to the Twin brothers Mr.ALI & Mr. MUSTAFA AMIN-s /GOD BLESS their undying memories ,and this date if not other dates in their lives, will always remind us of THEM!! So let us enjoy 21 and also the 14th May, and 26March as in Great Britain families getting ready to celebrate Mothers* day this Sunday?! GOD BLESS OUR MOTHERS & FATHERS each day of the year as, GOOD/ROBUST parenthood has no specific day or date! Christmas/Al FITR both come once a year, But our parents (if we^re lucky) are around 24/7-365 days in a year??/ With best wishes to all / from London/Is-Hak >(Mr.Nostalgia)< BARSOUMIAN


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