Friday, May 22, 2015

Celebrating Moulid El-Sayyida 2015

when one speaks about El-Sayyida {The lady} in Egypt or rather in Cairo , he or she means one particular lady who is believed to be the Islamic Saint Patron of Cairo and that lady is Zeinab Bint Ali.
Despite there is a Mausoleum for El-Sayyida Zeinab in Syria and there are some historical records saying that she was buried in Damascus but according to other historical records she was buried in Cairo.
I do not need to say that how much El-Sayyida Zeinab is popular among Egyptians but it is enough that thousands of Egyptians from all over the country leaving their work to attend the celebrations of her birthday “Moulid”. It is major attractions of Sunni Sufi movements and Shia Muslims alike as well thousands of normal Egyptians seeking an aid or miracle from God through the help of Lady Zeinab.
El-Sayyia Zeinab Mosque Moulid By Tinne Van Loon 
This year I chose a collection of photos from photographers in Egypt : My favorite photographer and friend Mosaab El-Shamiwho you should check his work in AP” , Hossam Mosallam  , Tarek Wajeh , Momen Samir and Belgian American documentary photographer Tinne Van Loon who you should follow her work.
Van Loon took amazing photos from the Moulid, truly amazing.
Now The Moulid of El-Sayyida Zeinab takes for a week at least with the festival mods all over the place surrounding her Mosque in Cairo. The Moulid was held earlier this month.
You would find street vendors selling all sort of food, circus performers doing dangerous acts, singers singing Sufi chants in tents and poems and traditional swings and carousel.
You find all this in the photo gallery below, I hope you enjoy it.

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