Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And This is Why I do not like Religion Men to Speak About Politics !!

From couple of days ago we found out that Pope Tawadros II of Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church told Kuwaiti TV channel and newspaper Al Watan that the ‘Arab sprig’ was actually ‘Winter’
He also added that the Arab spring revolutions were actually plots and conspiracies made to divide the Arab countries in to 40 countries !!
The Arab Spring is actually Arab winter
This was not the first shock from his holiness this month. Earlier this month the Pope shocked us and said that “now is not the perfect time for human rights” in Egypt !!
Excuse me !!?? Well I do not think Jesus Christ would approve what his pontiff said. He also added that human rights organizations were misunderstanding the situation of Egyptian Christians in the country !!
Really !! Misunderstanding the situation !! What misunderstanding !!?? For God’s sake Christians are being abducted in Upper Egypt for ransoms and nobody is reporting this except human rights organizations !!
Misunderstanding the situation !!?? Does the Pope mean the situation in Minya where the governor told the Christians there that it was better not to walk in the street for fear they would be abducted !?
With my all due respect the Pope should be wiser enough , he should understand that his views would be regarded as the official stance of the Church. Not to mention the more he speaks in that way , the more the radical Islamists find it a good opportunity to spread their spread rhetoric that the Egyptian Church were behind the “Coup” to fight “Islam” to the end of that talk.
Many simple Egyptian Christians just like many simple Egyptian Muslims look to religion men like the Pope,  his words are holier than holy and thus it is dangerous to manipulate their well according to the wants and calculations of religious men.
Moving to the Islamic Religious clerics and Sheikhs things are even worse. You got a man like Saad El-Helaly who is regarded as an example of open-minded moderate Muslim Cleric !!
El-Helaly : A Salute to our judiciary in Egypt !!
Sheikh El-Helaly was so happy with Monday’s shameful Minya’s court rule and wished that the 529 death sentences would be carried out without an appeal !!
Of course I can not forget the fact that this man once described Field Marshal Abdel Fatah El Sisi and minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim as PROPHETS sent by God to save the country and Islam !! Oh yes prophets !!
El Helaly : El Sisi and Ibrahim are prophets
I recall both the Pope and El-Helay were saying over and over during Mors’s rule that religion should not get involved in politics !! Of course I wonder what both of them are doing now !!
Dear Sheikhs , Clerics and Priests STFU when it comes to politics.


  1. That was a 10/10 rant. Really outstanding. I happen to agree with every word, but I'm not talking about agreeing or disagreeing, just the level of indignation.

  2. وهو فيه حد بيصدق الشيوخ والقساوسة يا زنوبيا ...خلاص تقريبا والله اعلم مافيش حد منهم مضبوط كلهم بيحدفوا شمال لسبب او لاخر

    1. It is a fairly Basedk Senate and pastors O Zenobia ... almost salvation and God knows there is nothing pretty tuned them all Bihdvo north for one reason or another

      That's what Google Translate says. Complete gibberish. Why? Maybe that's some odd Egyptian dialect. What are you trying to say?

  3. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's.

    1. What Jesus meant by that is that one should pay one's taxes. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing. It's completely random. What's wrong with people today? Why is everyone spouting nonsense?

    2. The proverb is relevant because it has used as the doctrinal basis in Christianity for separating matters of religion from matters of the state.

    3. Ok. Thank you for explaining.

  4. Religious people will stop talking about politics when other people stop, aka never. Not sure how you people think things work here, but religious people definitely take positions on social/political issues anywhere. Somehow I doubt you'd have been complaining if the pope had supported the protestors on Jan 26!

    That said, this is silly and certainly ties Copts firmly to the military government, just like minority faiths are tied to Assad in Syria.

  5. Dear Zenobia,
    Thank you so much for this post., and for the courage to write it. Al Hamdu LillaH (Thanks God) that there are still hearts in Egypt that can see the truth, and voices that can voice it. Unfortunately, we are in the end of times, and what we are seeing is a vivid illustration of a hadith our Beloved Prophet (SAWS) once told, which says something like this: "The end of time will be a time when the worst of men will become their rulers, and others will show respect to them because they will fear their evil".
    My father was one of the first victims under Mubarak's Egypt, until Human Rights Watch interfered for his release, but what is going on now is so much worst. Our hearts and prayers are with all of you there, and everywhere in the world injustice is so fast growing. All people are Allah's creatures, and deserve justice and dignity, whatever religions they belong to. It is obvious that some now use religions to both create discord between different religions, and control those of a specific religion through threatened or convinced leaders. No politics or technology can end such endeavor, but each of us overcoming our own Nafs, and remembering we are One Creation beyond our differences. Real death is not in losing one's life, but in losing one's soul by bowing to evil.
    AllaHuMMa that Your Mercy prevails.


  6. Most likely, the government is going to keep trying harder and harder to get backing from religious movements and leaders. The religious field is too important for this ruling system to leave outside of its control and influence. This is one reason why there will not be a real debate about the relation between religion and state until serious changes in government occur. In fact, it is a major reason why this debate has remained largely stationary at a particular stage in this region.

    On a separate note, it is often the case that following religious leaders can inhibit, rather than facilitate, taking up spiritual/religious ideals. Organizations and leaderships have a tendency to become focused on perpetuating and sustaining orthodoxies rather than actually focus on the real purpose of the idea they claim to be upholding. The religious leaders in question here clearly did not really make much of an effort to uplift their own minds and levels of consciousness.

  7. Those people who I also have no respect for now hearing what they actually said, both committed the SIN of Omission, which is far more grievous even then commission. The Christian Coptic should know that, and it's a shame to be leading so many sheep down a path of hatred at the same time who respect him and his every world :( How god awful!

  8. Perhaps when you learn to write in English I will read your postings. Horrendous grammar.

    1. I used to urge her to get an editor to read her articles before posting. Others have too. But evidently she's content to get her main ideas out in a timely manner. I've learned to regard her English not as horrendous but as quaint. Give that a try.

    2. When your Arabic gets good enough to read her in her native language, maybe you can complain. Until then be glad it is something you can read at all.

  9. I’m not Copt and I’ve no reason to blindly back up the Pope’s views. But, I am using my brain examining what our world is going through . In my views the biggest threat to Israel with close to 8 Million population, is being a neighbor to a countries (like Egypt with close to 90 Millions population , Syria with 21 Million and Iraq with 31 Millions) progressing peacefully . This means Israel will be swallowed in few decades . The best plan is to keep dividing those countries and you will conquer them from within. Having said that check what the Pope said and analyze…. Sad time for Egypt and the Middle East …

    1. Whenever I read the word "Israel" in comments in this blog, I know I am going to read another crazy theory that assumes the middle east revolves around Israel.

      Well, it's does not. Each country has its own problems.


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